Energy, groove and lead guitars!

Energy, groove and lead guitars!

And so it came to pass that when the powerful nordic god Thor struck down the Midgard Serpent with his hammer a child was born and he called it Martin Behm Stener.

Thor saw talent in his creation right away and gave him a purpose when he bought Martin his very first drumset at the age of three.

Since then Martin has worked with perfecting his craft and when he turned 24 he met a giant with ferosious dicipline on guitar and with the same goal as him, to conquer and unite the world with music.

They played together in a band called The Royal Ruckus for a long time but both felt that someting was missing and split.

So after some jamming, Martin and the giant (Oscar) moved on with another project that later got the name The Demtones...

Martin plays a customized LUDWIG Centennial moto kit & a mix of PAISTE's Giant Beat and 2002 cymbals using PROMARK drumstick-hammers.